Intangible country of the autistics


Mission of the Autistan
at the United Nations
Geneva - New York



Since june 2015, we have an agreement with another NGO active at the UN in Geneva,
which allows us to use their address, 37-39 Vermont Street (close to the Palais des Nations),
in this building, hosting many NGOs and 6 missions of "normal countries" to the UN
(Jordan, Mauritius, Nicaragua, Rwanda, Slovenia, Trinidad and Tobago).

But nothing has been done so far, for lack of time (and resources).

It would be interesting to put a flag (like the other representations, as seen on the picture)
but this would be extremely complicated (bureaucracy, no "official" right, etc.) and costly (Switzerland...).


New York

We do not have anything nor anyone to represent the Autistan at the UN in New York.


If you can help, do not hesitate to contact us !

contact (@)


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Le nom "Autistan" est une création de notre ami autiste Josef Schovanec
The name "Autistan" is a creation of our autistic friend Josef Schovanec


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