Our Administrative Seat in Geneva

The Administrative Seat of the Autistan Diplomatic Organization is legally registered under the number CHE-199.336.627 in Geneva, Switzerland.
(The articles of association are available in French, in Portuguese, in Spanish and English for the entities that need to know them.)

The main aim of this mother NGO is to ensure the coherence, the stability and longevity of the various entities of our organisation around the world (most of which are under construction).

We are fortunate enough to benefit from the address of the offices of the NGO Franciscans International, at 37-39 rue de Vermont.

Geneva was the obvious choice for this global administrative headquarters, as it is clearly the most appropriate location for this type of activity and for the global headquarters of international NGOs.
Moreover, we are close to the various United Nations bodies in Geneva, which is obviously very important.

Vermont street is very well known in the International Geneva, as this street is home to a very large number of international NGOs and Diplomatic Missions to the United Nations, as is almost exclusively the case with this building, which hosts many NGOs and 6 diplomatic missions of countries to the United Nations : Jordan, Mauritius, Nicaragua, Rwanda, Slovenia, Trinidad and Tobago.

It would be interesting and useful to have a flag of Autistan flying outside (like the flags of the other representations, as seen on the picture), but this would be extremely difficult to achieve (because of bureaucracy, of lack of official right, etc.) and anyway it would be very expensive (because it is Switzerland…).